Sunday, May 22

Make Meaning

"There has to be a meaning in this". Don't we just hate it when something happened with seemingly no reason? For example someone affiliated with a disease. Some may wonder if a Higher Power is sending them a message. Some may speculate this is some form of punishment. Or one may just dismiss it as nature's lottery.

I decided to make my own meaning. Forget about Higher Power sending messages. Ain't gonna wait for no divine revelation. I want to decide,on my own, now, what I want to do with this cancer.

I was thinking...look...I got the want lung cancer? I got both. Bone it....Brain? check...lymph? had it. So what is the meaning of all these? What a waste to have all these cancers and let the guy just roll over!!!

So I have DECIDED that my cancer means:
- I MUST make use of this gift.
- I MUST make sure others benefit.
- I MUST regain my health so that I can say..."...I have done it, so can you..."

Now...I can show that one can have all these cancer and still make a CHOICE and DECIDE how you deal with it.

So what is my CHOICE?
- I choose to be brave, so that you can;
- I choose to enjoy learning to regain my health, so that you can;
- I choose to revel in this as an adventure; so that you will too.

I have decided on the meaning of my cancer. I have chosen how to deal with it. So I am inviting you again, come join Hee Boon on his Amazing New Adventures :)