Wednesday, March 22

Carpe Diem!!!

I have made daily aspirations when I wake up in the morning. I shout a hearty Good Morning, Everyone; directed to all the cells in my body. Healthy cells and cancer cells.

I must emphasise again and again I have no fight with my cancer cells; they are my cells which gone unhealthy. They are part of me; I don't want to fight them. They need nurturing and care. There is no war, there is no battle raging in my body. There is only compassion and loving kindness.

So I say a Very Good Morning to them.

I continue:

May the healthy cells continue to be healthy. May the cancerours cells be taken away to a better existence. I know the chemotherapy is now looking for you. I really don't want to hurt you, but by the very act of your removal you gain a more peaceful existence, I wish you well.

I know the chemo is also hurting my healthy cells, let it be, but be gentler with them as much as you can. I wish them speedy recovery and minimal damage from the chemo.

Today is another sweet bonus day. Every day of existence I cherish. It is a chance to make the world a better place; no matter how little it seems, I want to end the day with the satisfaction that I left the world a better place than the morning.

I have so many opportunities to do good, even though I can't go out from the house.

The first place to begin is of course my own body and mind. I wish my body to be well and happy; let the healthy and cancer cells be equally blessed. May they be well and happy. And let the chemo to do it's job.

I strive to improve my mind and my responses and interpretation of events happening to me. I choose to respond in a manner I decide. Let my body be wrecked but let my mind be strong.

Next is my relation with my mom, sister, family and friends. I can still make improvement in the way I touch their lives, and them mine. I can still improve on bringing joy and gladness to their lives if they let me. I have the power, I have the desire and I want to.

I am blessed that I can still influence events beyond my physical sphere. I can still influence my favourite issues such as climate change and global warming. I can still write and influence events relating to these my favourite issues. I am still officially a consultant to one project and am still welcome to influence in the work of my other associates. Thank you.

My mind is where my universe is. I strive to learn to improve my mind thru reading, thinking so that I can think of ideas and ways to improve myself and spheres of my influence.

Allow me not just to take up space on this earth. Let me make a difference because I can and want to.

Even though I can't be physically be there, but my ideas can still reach out.

I will strive to improve this mind; continuous learning and appreciating this current phase of my life, and savouring each bonus moment.

Let this day be a better day. Let each day be improved because I am in it. Let each day ends with me saying: Thank you, everyone. Today I improved the world, because I have improved.

Thank you.

Let's enjoy today. Let's look forward to tomorrow; another blessed sweet bonus day.

Carpe Diem!!!


Anonymous CC said...

HB, your spirit is amazing and I believe that you truly are blessed.

May God hold you in the palm of his hand...

3:55 pm  
Blogger Cyberpartygal said...


I like your para here:

"I can still make improvement in the way I touch their lives, and them mine. I can still improve on bringing joy and gladness to their lives if they let me. I have the power, I have the desire and I want to."

I'm striving for the same things too.

5:28 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I was touched to almost tears this afternoon when I read your blog. May you find joy and peace in the present moment.

Allow me to rejoice at your efforts.

9:23 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The motivation of your words is really an amazing adventure. You can surely still influence events through them. Let´s keep them in mind in our work throughout the day.


5:08 pm  

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